Full Circle Irrigation Ltd. has been a limited liability company since 2014. Prior to that Rob George, the founder, traded as Full Circle Irrigation Services. Rob is still the director and maintains a hands-on position, overseeing projects and getting his hands dirty. He boasts 2 decades of irrigation experience primarily in the sports irrigation market. 

Peter Robin was brought in at the start of 2018 as manager to allow Rob to spend more time in the field & less time in the office. Peter comes with a degree in Horticultural Science (Massey University, New Zealand) and 25 years experience in irrigation, including sports turf & landscape irrigation. His background gives him plenty of experience in the horticultural markets too. 

Our major projects are overseen by our head project manager, Ian Grafton. Ian manages a team of trained irrigation engineers. Since we often have several projects on the go simultaneously, Ian can be at one end of the country while Rob is at the other end. 

On the servicing side we have a small team of experienced technicians who are trained to ferret out problems and fix them. If you have an irrigation system that needs a few repairs, give us a call or email & we will get our of our service teams around. Our prices are fair and we aim to satisfy. 

Full Circle Irrigation Ltd. primarily works in the sports turf irrigation market. We are based in Yorkshire so we are well equipped for the northern areas. However, as we grow we are finding that more of our projects are scattered all over the country; from Newquay Golf Course in the far reach of the south west corner of England up to the picturesque beauty of Prestwick Golf Club in the west of Scotland.Take a look at our extensive list of references to see how far & wide we travel.